Our world of accelerating change holds unprecedented opportunity

Have you found the best idea for your next bold growth initiative?




Disrupt & Company is a strategic advisory with the
single focus of helping you discover, verify and deliver disruptive solutions to evolve your market

Tomorrow is only for the bold

We are exhilarated by the current rate of change the markets are undergoing. There are threats, certainly, but we’re more focused on the dramatic opportunities held in this unique era. Every company has the potential to challenge the status quo of their market with something bold and original. We’ll help you to find exactly what that is.

We work with companies that share our beliefs, but don't know where to begin to discover their wildest dreams and make them a reality.

You know too much

Disruption rarely comes from competitors in the same industry, or from companies with a similar business model. That’s because insiders are blinded by their in-depth knowledge.

As outsiders, we see what everybody can see, but are able to think what nobody is thinking. 

Disruption with a purpose

Disruption is not attained by establishing corporate garages, by collaborating with start-ups or brainstorming in rooms filled with cutting-edge gadgets. Disruption demands a purpose.

Decision makers who seek true momentum – to push the world, markets, companies and people forward - have no choice but to look beyond the obvious on the path to fulfilled ambitions.

We help clients who want to surf the rising wave of change. . .

Disrupt & Company is really good at seeing new possibilities and creating valuable insight..... I would pick them anytime if I had to choose over again.....
Anders Bjorn, Tax Transactions Partner
EY Denmark
A unique ability to constructively and creatively challenge the status quo of businesses. Troels thinks outside-in with customer benefit as the filter.....
Morten Heuing, GM
Gumtree - eBay Classifieds
Group UK

Troels has an unique talent within innovation - he really knows how to think out of the box.

Mogens Thorninger
Partner & Chairman

Bruun & Hjejle
Only hire them if you are genuinely seeking disruption. We will do it any time again......

Ole Kristoffer Jensen
Senior economist
Research & Development

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