Our beliefs

Not a single company in any market is exempt from facing unprecedented change. We believe the most successful companies will be those that replace defensive threat mitigation with the creative pursuit of bold new opportunities.

We believe every company has the potential to become the disruptor of their market. All you need to start is an original ambition. We believe there’s a solution to every challenge and that, with the right discipline, identifying your most disruptive solution is achievable.

Our passion

Our passion is to help businesses make major contributions to their market’s evolution.

It’s with passion and creativity that we deliver inspired, value-added solutions to enable companies to evolve their market position and secure their future.

Our values

We prize time as our most valuable resource. So we won’t waste your time if we believe we’re unable to assist you. We value disagreement and always make an effort to express our opinion.

We constantly challenge the status quo and, leveraging our wide-ranging expertise, we insist that fresh insight and new potential is the order of the day, for both our own thought processes and our customer’s outcomes


Contact partners

Troels M. Palshof

M: troels@getdisrupt.com
C: +45 20 42 42 61  




Lasse Kristiansen

M: lasse@getdisrupt.com
C: +45 93 70 04 06

Troels is a serial entrepreneur. Since founding his first company at the age of 22, he has been working with business, concept and idea-development for close to 20 years. Troels has founded several businesses, nurturing them from start-up level to their successful international launch. Launches include Anti Sleep Pilot (as covered in The New York Times, TIME & TechCrunch), FirmaDVD (acquired by Blockbuster) and Top1000.dk (acquired by newspaper Børsen). Troels is a passionate entrepreneur in pursuit of an increasingly developed approach to discovering and delivering truly new solutions. 
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Lasse is a challenger with over 15 years spent honing his strategic expertise as a management consultant and business developer. His ongoing work with start-ups, and more than half of the companies in the C20 index, has given Lasse an intricate understanding of the increasing gap between the pace of change in most organizations and their surrounding markets. Lasse is the go-to guy when you need to challenge conventions and find original, simple solutions that will enable corporations to overcome this gap. See LinkedIn profile for more here