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Uncovering the true problem

There’s no such thing as the right answer to the wrong question. That’s why we obsess over finding the true problem facing your customers and your company. 


By inviting the unknown

We analyze the gameplay of tomorrow, combining existing knowledge with fresh insight; uncovering blind spots to form a completely original perspective.


Screening brutally

The vast majority of ideas just don’t cut it. To find the truly disruptive gems, we work with discipline and a relentless focus on eliminating decision biases.

What you can expect from working with us

Frustration before victory

There’s no reason to hide it. It’s a dirty, bumpy road that leads to uncovering the future of market conventions and it’s not always a pleasant ride.

Guaranteed outcomes

When staying relevant is at stake, you should never rely on uncertain outcomes. We deliver concrete solutions that solve your pain, upon which you can build a solid, fully executable business model.

A permanent mark

We don't just see you as a customer, but also as a collaborator in the creation of new knowledge. We strive to instill in you the inspiration, motivation and capability to think creatively and act innovatively. 


Specific outputs
Our output offers a wide range of specific solutions, depending on your individual challenges and focus.


Continuous time and focus
Creating new wealth and solving complex challenges takes time, focus and ongoing iterations.